All of CTC 2009's education session presentations, as well as video of the sessions and speakers, are online.

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CTC 2009 Presentations

Tuesday, September 22

E-1 Remaining Innovative With Technology in Difficult Economic Times   |   Download (PDF)

E-2 The Little Template That Could: Helping Trial Judges Take, Organize, and Extract Information from Electronic Trial Notes Simply   |   Download A (PDF)   |   Download B (PPT)

E-3 California Judicial Branch Roadmap to Statewide Integration   |   Download (PDF)   |   Download (PPT)

E-4 Court Automation Performance Standards   |   Download (PDF)   |   Download (PDF)

E-5 New Horizons in Information Sharing: Video Technology for Courts - Changing Technology and Applications   |   Download (PPTM)

CT-1 Technology Enhanced Trial and Appellate Courtrooms

CT-2 “Kick the High-tech Tires"

E-6 The Court Technology Framework: Leveraging Technology and Standards to Deliver Business Value   |   Download (PPSX)   |   Download (PDF)

E-7 Disciplined Processes: A Bridge from Chaos to Certainty   |   Download (PPT)   |   Download A (PDF)

E-8 Implementing an Outcomes-Based CMS for Dependent Children   |   Download A (DOC)   |   Download A (PPT)

E-9 Making Judicial Accountability Fair and Affordable: Technological Solutions   |   Download (DOC)

E-10 The Role of Social Networking Tools in Judicial Systems Serving the Public   |   Download (PPT)

CT-3 Assistive Court Initiative

E-11 Judging in 2020: In a Courthouse or in Cyberspace?   |   Download (PPSX)

E-12 California Courts Technology Center/Shared Services: A Five-Year Perspective with Lessons Learned   |   Download (DOCX)   |   Download (PPTX)   |   Download (PPTX)

E-13 Meeting the Challenge of Providing Cost-Effective Network High Availability at Judicial Remote Sites   |   Download (PPTX)

E-14 A Process for Web Design Success   |   Download (PPT)

E-15 Streamlining Case Management and eFiling with Smart Electronic Forms, Documents and Processes   |   Download (PDF)

CT-4 Open Technology Forum

S-1 Alabama Adopts e-Everything Attitude   |   Download (PPTX)

SS-1 Solution Sharing Session - Conference of Appellate Court Technology (CATO)

SS-2 Solution Sharing Session - Implementing E-court Filing Standards

SS-3 Solution Sharing Session - Child Welfare Agency Data Exchange

SS-4 Solution Sharing Session - Judges

SS-5 Solution Sharing Session - International Courts

CT-5 “Kick the High-tech Tires”

Wednesday, September 23

E-16 Information Sharing in Child Welfare & Its Impact on Performance Measures   |  Download Package (ZIP)

E-17 Remote Centralized Interpreting   |   Download (PPT)

E-18 How Information Technology Can Support Judicial Reform   |   Download International (PPT)   |   Download Minnesota (PPTX)   |   Download Reiling (PPTX)

E-19 Advantages of Using Internal Development Staff for Technology in Lieu of Outside Vendors   |   Download (PDF)

E-20 Lessons Learned From State-Wide Rollouts   |   Download (PDF)

CT-6 Court Technology on a Tight Budget

E-21 “Dang…That’s Fast”   |   Download (PPT)

E-22 Partners-Making A Difference in Public Safety: The NICS and the Courts   |   Download (PPT)

E-23 Using Technology to Train a State Judiciary   |   Download (PPTX)

E-24 Court Open Source Forum   |   Download (PPT)

E-25 Enabling the Business of the Courts: Integrated Justice in Action in Lake County, IL.   |   Download (PPT)

CT-7 “Assistive Court Initiative”

S-2 Information Sharing and Integrated Judicial Information System: Korean Experiences   |   Download (PPTX)

SS-6 Solution Sharing Session - CATO

SS-7 Solution Sharing Session - Smart Forms

SS-8 Solution Sharing Session - CITOC

SS-9 Solution Sharing Session

SS-10 Solution Sharing Session

CT-8 “Kick the High-tech Tires”

Thursday, September 24

E-26 How to get eCourt Project Funding in Tough Times   |   Download (PPT)

E-27 Technology that Enables Self Help Centers: Solutions to Increasing Demands in a Time of Austerity   |   External Website

E-28 The Oyez Project vs. The U.S. Supreme Court: IT for Public Use

E-29 CourTools On-Demand: Web-based Software for Judges, Court Managers, and Court Staff   |   Download (PPTX)

E-30 Paper on Demand 2.0   |   Download (PDF)

E-31 Implementing Effective E-Processing for Traffic   |   Download (PDF)

CT-9 Open Technology Forum

CT-10 “Kick the High-tech Tires”

E-32 Small is Beautiful — Developing an Enterprise IT Strategy in Cafcass (Children and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service for England)   |   Download (DOC)   |   Download A (DOC)

E-33 Real-Time Protection Order Notification in Wyoming   |   Download (PPTX)

E-34 Making Good On the Promise of NIEM   |   Download (PPT)

E-35 The Jury Managers’ Toolbox: A Self-Assessment Tool for Jury Operations   |   Download (PPTX)

E-36 Product Development Focus on Paper-on-Demand   |   Download A (PPTX)   |   Download B (PDF)

CT-11 Court Technology on a Tight Budget

E-37 Paper-on-Demand—A Roadmap to the Digital Courthouse   |   Download (PPTX)

E-38 Kaizen: Establishing Circles of Excellence to Create and Improve Puerto Rico’s Unified Case Management System   |   Download (PDF)

E-39 The ROI of Emerging Technologies   |   Download (PPT)

E-40 Simple (and Cheap) Tips for Making Your Web Site User Friendly   |   Download (PPT)   |   Download A (PPTX)

E-41 Use of Workflow Automation and Other Technologies to Improve Compliance and Collections of Court Ordered Penalties   |   Download (PPT)

CT-12 Civil Discovery of Electronic Information